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Cardboard Arcade and Valentine's Day

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Cardboard Arcade and Valentine's Day
by Sara Salemink - Monday, 18 January 2021, 12:42 PM

Hello Brentwood Eagle Families!

Happy Monday-- please see the below updates:

Cardboard Arcade

Our 4/5 classes are learning about Simple Machines as a part of their Science curriculum this term. As an inquiry project, the students will be building a "Cardboard Arcade" of simple machine games with recycled items. We would like to ask families to help us collect the following items:

-empty spools

-clean yogurt containers and lids

-cardboard boxes

-spools of yarn or string

-rolls of masking tape

-popsicle sticks

-elastic bands

-plastic spoons

-ping pong balls

Due to COVID protocols, we will be collecting these items in a bin between January 25- January 29 2021,  before and after school only. This will be set up outside near the crosswalk at our drive thru. All items will be quarantined and fogged before students use them beginning in February. Please note that any items donated will be a general donation, and as such, we can not guarantee a specific item for a specific student. Thank you for considering donating to this project.

Valentine's Day

As with many celebrations, this year's Valentine's Day celebrations at school will look a little different to ensure everyone's health and safety. The exchange of Valentine's cards is a fun way to show we care for one another. This year, we will exchange paper cards only to be in accordance with our Health and Safety guidelines. Please speak with your child's teacher directly if you have specific questions about how cards will be distributed in each class.

For general questions about either the Cardboard Arcade or Valentine's Day, please email our principal, Sara Salemink at