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Important Updates- September 11, 2020

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Important Updates- September 11, 2020
by Sara Salemink - Friday, 11 September 2020, 3:13 PM

Hello Brentwood Eagles!

It was so wonderful to see you all back this week! The children did a wonderful job of following our Health and Safety procedures, and we are looking forward to a wonderful year together. We would like to introduce our staff, and give some helpful information about pick up and drop off locations moving ahead.

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Mrs. Blackie- Division 1 (orange cohort)

Mrs. Westwood- Division 2 (pink cohort)

Ms. Van Dusen- Division 3 (orange cohort)

Mrs. Barnes & Ms. Vye- Division 4 (pink cohort)

Mrs. Comer- Division 5 (yellow cohort)

Ms. Di Lucca- Division 6 (yellow cohort)

Mrs. Takhar & Miss Brown - Division 7 (red cohort)

Ms. Kratofil- Division 8 (red cohort)

Grades 3-5

Mrs. MacGregor- Division 9 (black cohort)

Mrs. Ewart & Ms. Filipovic- Division 10 (black cohort)

Ms. Greenius- Division 11 (purple cohort)

Ms. Byrne- Jungen & Mrs. Thornton- Division 12 (green cohort)

Mrs. Coles- Division 13 (purple cohort)

Mrs. Brown & Ms. Westmacott- Division 14 (blue cohort)

Mr. Meadows- Division 15 (green cohort)

Ms. Amarilli- Division 16 (blue cohort)

We are also fortunate to have many non-enrolling teachers and support staff who work in our school. Our non-enrolling teachers are: Mrs. Van Helvoirt & Mrs. Mosher (Inclusion Support), Mrs. Mcevay (Indigenous Education), Mrs. Robinson & Ms. Vye (Fine Arts), Miss Brown (Library), Mme Scott (French), and Mrs. Toronitz (School Counsellor). In the role of Education Assistants, we have: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Godfrey, Mrs. Bagshaw, Mrs. Bottoni, Mrs. Duerksen, Ms. Morris, Mr. Halber, and Mrs. Andulajevic. Other staff in our school include Ms. Bull-Chambers (Youth and Family Counsellor), Ms. Hughes (Head Secretary), Mrs. Van Oort (Clerical), Ms. Bickford (Library), Mr. Caley (Computer Tech support), Mr. Cacovic (Head Custodian), Ms. Dewanti (custodian) and Mr. Rojas (custodian). Your school admin team is Mrs. Salemink (Principal) and Mrs. Takhar (Vice  Principal). 

Pick Up & Drop off

Please see the attached map in regards to your pick up and drop off locations. As shown in our slide deck posted yesterday, children will need to walk to their line up locations independently this year and parents are requested to remain at the edges of school property at this time to reduce gathering on school premises. We request that pick up and drop off occur as close to 8:40 am and 2:48 pm as possible to aid in us maintaining cohort groupings.These locations will remain for the duration of the year. Please remind your child to keep their wristband on as we work on these new procedures together. We look forward to seeing all of you again on Monday!