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Parking Lot Reminders

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Parking Lot Reminders
by Sara Salemink - Thursday, 9 January 2020, 8:04 AM

Hello everyone,

The first week back at school has been wonderful so far! Student safety and taking care of our community are of utmost importance to us here at Brentwood, so we wanted to take this opportunity for some friendly reminders about dropping off and picking up students. With everyone working together, we will be able to make our busy times smooth. Thank you for taking the time to read the reminders. 

1- Please be sure when using the "drive through" zones to remain in your vehicle, and keep only one lane of traffic per side. Parking or idling in these areas cause unsafe congestion and makes it difficult for students to cross safely. If you are still waiting for your student, and the car behind is ready to leave, please drive through again so that traffic is able to still move safely on Wallace Drive. Remaining for several minutes blocking the lane causes back up on to the road.

2- Please only park in designated parking spots. If the curb is yellow, or there are not defined lines, parking in these areas is hazardous. Please be mindful of this.

3- We love our neighbours and want them to be able to go about their days safely. Some recent concerns have been brought to our concerns about families parking in or running through business lots. Please remember that businesses need their parking available for employees and customers as well. There are many public spots available in front of Rom Knott that may be helpful to you. 

Thank you for your support to make the process as smooth as possible.