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The Great Pumpkin!

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The Great Pumpkin!
by Shirley Elm - Sunday, 21 October 2018, 1:30 PM

At Brentwood Elementary we are very grateful to the Sluggett family for their amazing donation to the school for this Hallow e'en season!If you have not been into the school lately you may not have seen THE GREAT PUMPKIN sitting proudly in the foyer. The Brentwood STEM club will be running a contest this week to see if anyone can get close to guessing the weight of this giant orange fruit of the squash family. Of course the STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math)  club will be calculating this in kilograms and pounds for discussing this as we go. The contest will feature prizes for guesses from divisions starting on Monday October 29, and a special grand prize for the person who gets the closest to the actual weight of THE GIANT PUMPKIN. If there is a tie there will be a draw.

Speaking of Hallow e'en, we are really looking forward to our upcoming celebration Family Hallow e'en Dance on Friday the 26th starting at 5:30. This is a special fundraiser for Reflex Math sponsored by our PAC. There will be silly and scary costumes to see, a concession with light treats, great music and a "break out" fun room. It ends at 7pm and we hope that you will come and support a good cause.

And, as far as the real Hallow e'en, we will be welcoming costumes OR black and orange outfits for those who choose to dress up a little on the 31st. This is bound to be a fun day and we will have a costume parade so everyone can get a look at some of the outfits.  Lucky for us, Mr. Fry and the Athletic Leadership club will be running a "Sugar Run" for us during the day on November 1st so we can wear off some of those treats that we may have gathered the previous evening.

It has been an outstanding fall with the sun out and all the gorgeous fall colors everywhere. Don't forget to turn those clocks back one hour in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, November 4th, 2018.