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***** Check out the latest News from the Principal *****
by Lyn Stewart - Thursday, 4 October 2018, 10:36 AM

Hello Brentwood Families,

The dust of September has settled so our routines and classes are running well for all students and staff. As you probably have noticed, this fall weather has been interesting and varied. Children have been wearing nice new sweaters and jackets only to shed them once the sun comes out. This has created a BIG problem because, unfortunately, students who hear the bell run for their classrooms  (which is a good thing) but they usually forget that really nice new clothing item out in a heap on the playground. For this reason our Lost and Found is literally bursting with lovely new clothing. If you notice items from your child's wardrobe are missing, please come by and see our collection you might be surprised by what is there.

The sunny weather and sometimes warm temperatures might also be causing some confusion for students as they navigate the playground. Summer is definitely over and we now have to get along with the well over 350 other people at our school. This can be a real challenge and  I have had several encounters with student who forgot to get help rather than solving "fair play" problems by hitting or pushing.  Reminders about how to solve problems peacefully are never a bad thing. Maybe parents could  have this as a family topic so that more students can remember that we have wonderful staff members  to help with these issues.

We are soon going to divide our students into their EAGLE  Family Groupings by colour. This will be wonderful way to promote community in our school. The Eagle Convocation assemblies are where we will be setting the groups up and giving them their first duties. It will be exciting to see siblings and children of all ages working together in class size groups with Teacher Leaders doing projects to benefit the school.

Please check our website calendar for important dates coming up. We do have a Non-Instructional Day on October 19. We hope to see you at our PAC sponsored Hallowe'en Dance on Friday the 26th.

Shirley Elm


Brentwood Elementary School