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Staffing Update

Staffing Update
by Shelley Hardcastle - Thursday, 20 October 2011, 12:43 PM
As many of you are aware our current Vice Principal, Mr. Guiguet, has been re-appointed as the Interim Principal at Cordova Bay. He is replacing a colleague for 4 months. We will miss him terribly but also wish him the best with this exciting opportunity!

It is a pleasure to announce that Melissa Austin has accepted the position of Interim Vice Principal at Brentwood Elementary. Melissa has worked at Brentwood School for the last five years as the First Nations Teacher and the Reading Recovery Teacher. She will be completing her Master of Arts Degree in Counselling and Psychology this fall. She is well known in the school and the community as a strong advocate for students and families, building trusting and mutually respectful relationships. As an active member of the school leadership team and the school based team, she will continue to support staff and students.