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June Newsletter

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June Newsletter
by Alyssa Ellison - Tuesday, 2 June 2015, 4:50 PM

Hi everyone,

Well, it's June already--how did that happen? We continue to work on all the things we normally do in our day, but we've also got some special events coming up too. The children continue to make incredible progress in many areas, and sometimes they say, "Remember when I didn't know how to read this word?" or "Remember when I couldn't write a sentence by myself?" It's exciting to see what they've accomplished, and we've still got weeks to go!

Next week, we will be discussing healthy food choices and each child will keep track of their lunch foods. At the end of the week, we will graph our data individually and as a class, to see if we're eating enough healthy foods.

Spelling: Spelling tests are on Fridays, and because of other events, we've only got two more left! I will do a final spelling assessment the third week of June, but there will not be a weekly test. This week, if your child is in the yellow group, he can sort the words by the initial diagraph (ch, th, wh, sh) or the vowel (i, e, a)--whichever works best to remember the patterns. The pink group is practising the long o sound (o with a bossy e, oa, and ow) and short o sound. The blue group has a review this week so there is a variety of patterns and words they have already practised (just mixed up together this time).

On Friday June 12, we are going to have another pajama day! It's also the day we are going to celebrate the year end with our big buddy class by eating our lunches outside and having a picnic. Each child can bring one stuffie to school that day.

During the school year, we celebrate birthdays, but the children who have birthdays in the summer months often get left out. To remedy that, we are going to have an "unbirthday" party on Tuesday, June 16th. If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to bring a treat, that is the day we will celebrate Wesley, Karley, and Isla's birthdays. 

On Wednesday, June 17 at 12:30, we will have a service assembly to thank all the people who work so hard at our school. Parents are welcome to attend.

Friday, June 19th is our Fun Day and PAC BBQ in the morning. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing (comfortable shoes, sun hat, sunscreen, etc). In the afternoon, we may do something special with the other primary classes that involves popcorn ... ;)

Your child should have brought home a field trip form for Island View Beach. We are going to frolic and picnic at the beach on May 22nd! We will need parent drivers, so hopefully, you are able to join us for some fun. Please sign and return the form asap. Thank you

Tuesday, June 23 is our Grade Five farewell assembly at 12:30

Thursday, June 25 is the last day of school for students sad I have really appreciated my time with them, and will miss them terribly! There will be a fun game--grade five students versus the teachers--at Stelly's School. We will all walk down there after lunch, and families are invited to join us!

As always, if you've got any questions or comments, please email me at aellison@sd63.bc.ca or stop by the classroom after school. Have a good night,