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May 15th Update

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May 15th Update
by Alyssa Ellison - Friday, 15 May 2015, 4:19 PM

Hi everyone,

I just can't believe that we've got six weeks of school left before the end of the year, and I'm already thinking about how much I'm going to miss these kids. When driving to Swan Lake on Tuesday, I started to tear up just thinking about it. I'm going to appreciate every day we have together  before the end of June!

We had such a fun time at Parklands Secondary School, watching the Snow White play. The children got to participate and even blow the witch/evil queen off the mountain with our breath! After the show, the actors had a question and answer period, and we got a group photo with them because it was I'I's birthday!

On Monday, we had an author visit from Sheryl MacFarlane, author of books such as Waiting for the Whales and Moonsnail song. She talked about how authors are good observers and add details to their writing in order to make their stories more interesting.

A big "THANK YOU!" to all the parents who drove on our field trip to Swan Lake! It was a great morning, and we learned so much about social insects such as bees, hornets, and ants.

In our classroom, all of our caterpillars have now changed into chrysallises. How exciting! We have set up their habitat, and are anxiously awaiting them to open and reveal their butterfly bodies---our tentative guess, based on the life cycle, is that they should start opening next Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who has taken such good care of Radar T. Bear. He has loved coming home with so many children, and we really enjoy listening to all of his adventures. If you have Radar, please remember to return him to school the next day so the next child can visit with him.

I'd also like to thank the parents who have come into school and helped out with the memory/scrapbooks. If you've got some time, please let me know.

We didn't have library this week, because there was some unexpected construction, so library book exchange will be NEXT Thursday instead.

Unfortunately, only one child has returned a pair of nylons for our craft! Please remember to bring in a pair of nylons (they can be used) to school on Monday so we can start on our project. Thank you.

There has been some issues with lacrosse balls at school, and hard lacrosse balls are no longer allowed at school. Children are allowed to bring tennis balls, or softer plastic balls (like the hockey ones) instead.

No school on Monday--it's Victoria Day!

Next week we have our Parent Appreciation Day on Wednesday, May 20, so make sure you get your special treat when you drop off your child.

The Science Venture group will be here next Thursday, and they are going to teach us about force and motion. It's going to be a good time!

Have a great weekend, and if you need to contact me, please send me an email aellison@sd63.bc.ca or stop the classroom.