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Last few days before Spring Break :)

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Last few days before Spring Break :)
by Alyssa Ellison - Tuesday, 3 March 2015, 4:04 PM

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all the families who came to our classroom for the open house, (or on another night)! The children were so excited to show you what they've been working on, and they are so proud to share their accomplishments and interests with the most important people in their lives.

I hope everyone had a chance to see our dance on Thursday. If not, I did take a video with my phone, so I can share it with you.

If your grade one child has a set of sight word cards (on a ring), please send them to school in his book bag so we can add some new words. Thanks!

The children have been working hard on their birds of prey projects. What I'm really impressed with is the teamwork involved. I'm not going to lie, the first work session was difficult because many of them have never worked on a group project before, but they quickly found their groove, and I am amazed with the team work shown by these children. Everyone is contributing to the project--finding facts about their bird, drawing or colouring the bird, cutting, pasting, editing, etc. Our plan is to present them to each other before Spring Break!

On Friday, we will have our 100th day of school, and this involves some pretty serious celebrating! Please have your child bring in a collection of 100 things. In the morning we will make Danisha's superstar book, and partake of some 100 day fun activities. In the afternoon, we are going to watch Rio2--it's got the song from our dance in it, and when I saw it at the store, I couldn't resist. If your child would like to bring in a snack/drink for Friday afternoon, it would be appreciated. 

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, March 4: Report cards to go home. If you have any questions or comments, please chat with me or Stephanie.

Thursday is library day! Please make sure all library books are back to school.

Friday, March 6: Last day of school before Spring Break, and 100 Day!

Tuesday, May 12th: Field Trip to Swan Lake Nature House--We need parent drivers, and I'm telling you early so you can book time to spend the morning with us! smile

If I don't see you before the end of the week, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Spring Break full of family fun!