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Music and Dance at Brentwood

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Music and Dance at Brentwood
by Alyssa Ellison - Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 4:57 PM

Hi everyone,

It was nice to see so many faces this morning. The children really enjoyed playing the snakes and ladders games they made. One of the math games we play to "warm up our brains" is called Guess the Number, and you can easily play it at home. All the children write a number on their whiteboard and I give clues for them to guess my number. After every clue, the children can change their number guess--this part is very important because rather than a right or wrong answer, they have to think of possible answers and adjust their guess depending upon different factors. I use math vocabulary to give clues (e.g. two-digit number, even/odd, ones, tens, more than/less than, sum). If your child is struggling with number sense, but you would like to play this game at home, I can loan you a 100 chart to take home. After every clue, we talk about the options and different number guesses. Here's an example:

1) It's a two-digit number

2) It's an even number

3) it's less than 40

4) There is a 6 in the number

5) When you add the two digits, the sum is 8. Did you guess the number? smile

On Monday, the bake sale was a huge sucess, and the grade fives raised over $500 for their KIVA charity. Thank you for your support!

Next week, more Scholastic book orders will go home with each child. There are a variety of orders for different age groups, and you are under no obligation to buy anything. If you would like to order books, they are very reasonably priced, and every book bought helps contribute "points" towards buying books for our classroom library.

Thanks to our generous PAC, tomorrow we start a dance unit with the Allegro Dance Company. Every Thursday morning, for six weeks, they will teach us some dance moves. Hopefully we can have a performance at the end of the six weeks, to show you what we've learned!

On Tuesday, January 27th, Milton Randel will be at Brentwood Elementary. He is a drummer who will teach every class some drumming techniques. In the afternoon (1:50), the grade 4/5 students will give a drumming performance. Come on by if you'd like to check it out!


Tomorrow is Library book exchange. We are still having difficulty with children remembering their books, so please make sure your child's library books are returned tomorrow.

January 27: Milton Randel drumming experience

February 3: Literacy Day: Dress as your favourite book character

February 3: Swan Lake is in our classroom to discuss owls!

February 9: Family Day--no school

February 11: Popcorn Day

February 20: Professional Day: No school for students

February 24: Early Dismissal at 1:48


Have a great night,