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January Reminders

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January Reminders
by Alyssa Ellison - Monday, 19 January 2015, 5:09 PM


A reminder to everyone that tomorrow, January 20th,

there will be a bake sale at recess time. Everything will cost $1.

This Wednesday, January 21st, is a school-wide math morning. Come on by our classroom for some math fun!

Isaac showed us this really neat website where you can make your own story. It's on our moodle page under The Daily Five (Working on Writing), and it's called My Story Maker. You can create your own story by adding characters, backgrounds, actions, emotions, and words. Today, Isla shared a story that she wrote and then printed. If you complete a story, it gives you a code so you can log in and see your story as a book. Check it out!

Your child should bring home spelling words this Friday. We are starting the Words Their Way spelling program which focuses on finding commonalities in words and looking for spelling patterns. Each child will have one set of words at school and one set to practice with at home. The purpose of this spelling program is to have children transfer their spelling word knowledge into other areas such as reading and writing. Obviously, there is no purpose in memorizing difficult words for a spelling test and then not remembering them when reading and writing. There are three different spelling groups in our class (pink, blue, and yellow) and your child should be in a group where s/he can be successful. Children learn in different ways, so talk with your child about the best way to practice spelling words at home. Here are some ideas to practice spelling words:

1) Word sort: Each week there will be a "theme" in your child's spelling words. Children can cut out the word cards and sort them by categories.

2) Rainbow write: write out a word and then trace the word in three different colours.

3) Word search: Using a blank word search page, your child can create a word search using the spelling words.

4) White boards: practice writing the words on a white board.

5) Scrabble spelling: use scrabble letters, magnetic letters, playdough, stickers, etc. to spell out spelling words.

In case you've forgotten how to find our moodle page, go to the Brentwood Elementary website—students—teacher pages—Ellison/Ogden. Once there, you can see all the newsletters, or choose from a variety of activities (math, reading, writing, typing, author studies).

If you have any questions, please come by after school, send me an email (aellison@sd63.bc.ca) or call the school 250-652-3996.


Have a great week,


Alyssa Ellison