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September Newsletter

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September Newsletter
by Alyssa Ellison - Monday, 29 September 2014, 7:47 PM

Brentwood Elementary School September 2014

Mrs. Ellison and Ms. Ogden: Division 4


Dear Families,


Welcome to another school year! It has been a late start, but the children are settling themselves and adjusting to a full day of school activity. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. This year, we are team teaching our group of grade one and two students. Mrs. Ellison will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Ms. Ogden will be teaching on Wednesdays. We are excited about this year, and we look forward to teaching your child and getting to know you as well.

We are learning our classroom routines and will be involved in activities focusing on getting to know one another, learning our school beliefs, and honoring diversity in our school community. The children will be busy helping to build a cooperative classroom setting and reacquainting with each other or getting to know new friends.

One of our new routines is lining up at the outside door in the morning and after recess. The teachers have been asked to meet the children every morning, and because we don't have a classroom door to the outside, we will meet our class at the rear doors (close to the kindergarten classes). At the end of the day, we will walk the students outside and meet parents at the same spot. Hopefully this works for everyone, and is easier for parents who are collecting multiple children from the school. If your child needs to meet you somewhere else, please let us know.

 Each day we have one student who is our “special helper” for the day. This is a day that the student is given special jobs, is first in line-ups, sits in a special chair to help lead our morning meeting and calendar activities, and gets to share a special item from home. On their day your child is asked to bring something to share that is of special interest to them. They will then have an opportunity to give clues, talk about their choice, and answer questions from their classmates. This is a great activity to develop and reinforce our oral language skills.

 Each week, our class will have a Superstar! This superstar will have a special activity every day. The week before your child's turn, you will get an “All About Me” page to complete, and a list of the activities to organize with your child (e.g. sharing photos, estimation bag, parent letter, sharing a hobby or talent).

 Please take note that each child needs a pair of running shoes to be kept in the classroom. They will be used for our gym classes and also as our indoor shoes. Children need safe shoes for gym and when the rain comes, they need clean shoes to put on in the classroom. Please send these in as soon as possible. If your child has not yet mastered tying laces on shoes, please do not send lace runners to school, because your child needs to change shoes independently throughout the day.

 In our classroom, we have a “healthy snack” bin. If a child eats his entire lunch and is still hungry, he can take something from the bin. Also, if a child wants to trade a healthy snack for another, she can do so (e.g. she always brings oranges, but wants to trade for an apple). If you would like to donate any non-perishable snacks (fruit, unsweetened applesauce, crackers, granola bars, etc.) for our bin, it would be greatly appreciated.

 Last Friday, we did a Terry Fox run at our school. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please send a loonie or twonie to school with your child. We are taking donations until Friday. So far, our school has raised over two hundred dollars!

 Scholastic book orders will go home with your child. You are under no obligation to buy books, but if you would like to order something, please send in the order form with a cheque or money order made out to Scholastic Books.

 Speaking of books, every day, your child will come home with a home reading book. This book should be “just right” for your child's reading level. Beginning readers may use patterns, picture clues, letter clues, and parent support to read their books. Every child should read for 20 minutes a day. This repeated practice builds upon reading skills, improves reading confidence, and creates life-long readers. Your child will also bring a home reading sheet for you to sign every night. When your child has completed the home reading sheet, it can be returned to school for a prize! Extra sheets are available outside our classroom (beside the parent news board). These books should come back to school every day, because we will practice reading them to a peer. Eventually, the children will be responsible for exchanging their books every day, so please let us know if the book your child brings home is not a good fit (too easy, too difficult, same book every day).

 Our class has a moodle page—What's a moodle page, you ask? It's a site that children can go to on the computer (at school or at home) and do a variety of activities such as play math games, research animals we are studying, practice spelling words, etc. There is also a newsletter section where parents can see all our classroom news. Throughout the year, we will add things to our moodle site, depending upon what we are learning about in class.

To visit our moodle page, follow these steps:

1) go to the Brentwood Elementary website

2) click “Students” and scroll down and click on “Teacher Pages”

3) click on “Mrs. Ellison and Ms. Ogden : Division 4” and it will take you to our moodle page

4) Once on our page, you can click on a variety of topics such as Newsletters, Math, Computer Safety Sites, and The Daily Five.

 Thursdays will be our library days, so your child should come home with a new book or two every Thursday. In order for your child to borrow a new book, please remember to return any library books by Thursday.

 Every Friday morning, we will have Read Around the Room time in our classroom from 8:40-9:10. We are hoping that parents, grandparents, auntie, uncles, etc. can come and read with us. Read Around the Room will happen every Friday until the end of the school year.

 On Thursday, October 2, there is a “Know Your School Night” from 5:30-6:45. Everyone is welcome to meet the teachers, and have your child give you a tour of the school and our classroom.

Dates to Remember:

Thursdays—Library day. Please return your books!

Fridays—Read Around the room in our classroom from 8:40-9:10. Everyone welcome!

Oct 2nd—Know Your School Night 5:30-6:45

Oct. 8th—Popcorn Day: There is a green order form coming home with your child.

Oct 10th—Scholastic book orders due

Oct 14th—Photo Day

Oct. 24—Pro D. Day—no school for students


We look forward to a fun and successful school year working with you and your children. If you haven't already, please come in and introduce yourself at your convenience (before or after school). Further newsletters will be posted on our moodle page and if you've given us your email address, emailed to you. If you have any questions or concerns about our program or your child, you can contact us at the school in person after school, or by phoning the school at 250-652-2721.


           Welcome back!

            Alyssa (pronounced A-Lisa) Ellison and Stephanie Ogden




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